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When a person writes a Will, they usually choose at least one person to act as administrator or Executor of their Will once they pass away. The role of the Executor is to pay the deceased person’s debts and taxes and distribute the remaining money and property (known as the estate) to the beneficiaries.

Two problems facing Executors and probate solicitors are identifying every financial account and locating all the beneficiaries. As a result, thousands of people don’t realise they are owed money from a family inheritance, and millions of unclaimed funds sit in bank accounts, investments, and pension funds.

At Perane, we work with solicitors and Executors to establish the deceased person’s complete financial history and reunite individuals, families, and charities with their rightful inheritance. W e are based in Norfolk and repatriate unclaimed funds following the passing of  Worldwide individuals. 

Historic Charity Legacy Search

With over £50BN of unclaimed or lost assets held by financial institutions, we have identified that £40M of shares and £660M of pension funds are waiting for redistributed to the charity sector.

At Perane, we specialise in working with charities to locate, contact and work with Executors and solicitors of historic probates to find, release, and distribute unclaimed funds. Using a unique search engine, we research the shares from the top 350 FTSE companies and work with HMRC to identify pensions that were missed during the original distribution of the estate.

To find out more about our Historic Legacy facility, please send us a message and give us a description of your situation. One of our representatives will be in contact and will be able to provide you with clarity about the best way to proceed.  

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Our ultimate goal is to reunite family members with inheritance which is rightly theirs. 

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Locating unclaimed and dormant financial assets and repatriating them to the rightful beneficiaries

A comprehensive search of all accounts and policies against an individual’s name

Sourcing UK documentation, including birth and death certificates, probate, and Will papers

Finding lost beneficiaries to ensure they receive any rightful inheritance

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People who choose Perane value our open, honest service and efficient technology-based approach.

Perane provided a very efficient and courteous service with an excellent result for us.

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We provide a 100% transparent and honest approach to our service and pricing. We will make clear your charges for any services that we perform, plus VAT and expenses, is taken directly from an estate, so you will have nothing to pay.


We are a helpful team who likes to deal with our clients face to face where possible. We aim to make everything as simple, approachable, and easy as we can.


Our knowledgeable team has a track record of delivering an extremely professional service. We approach all our work with the same high levels of integrity so you know that no stone is left unturned.