About Us

Inheritance Recovery Specialists
Working with you to locate and recover what’s rightfully yours.

We are inheritance recovery specialists working tirelessly to identify and trace legacies that were missed during the original administration of an estate. And we also help Executors and solicitors establish the complete picture of the estate of someone who has recently passed away, ensuring a thorough process the first time around.

Since launching our services in 2010, we’ve grown and progressively expanded what we offer. We now work with share Registrars, Pension funds, Banks, Charities, Solicitors, Executors, and many others, meaning we can help with all areas of estate asset reunification. Every year we now locate and reclaim millions of pounds on behalf of beneficiaries using our exclusive access to previously inaccessible financial databases.


With vast experience, extensive knowledge, and sophisticated data mining tools, our dedicated team of 8 researchers, case handlers and estate administrators ensure that beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritance.

We are particularly proud of our work locating money for charities. Many people choose to leave money for a charity that was close to their heart. Finding additional funds for causes that meant something to those who have passed away is an incredibly rewarding part of our work at Perane.

Our vision

Our ultimate goal is to reunite family members with inheritance which is rightly theirs. 

We help:

Individuals – To recover lost family inheritance.

Families – To distribute inheritance correctly among those who are entitled.

Charities – To conduct historic searches of probates where they are  the residual legacy.

Probate Professionals – To help with all aspects of estate administration.


We conduct worldwide research when someone dies it is the responsibility of the Executor to ensure that all assets are recovered and correctly distributed to the beneficiaries.

The problem with this system is that it doesn’t take into account the thousands of people who are entitled, but don’t realise they are owed money from a family inheritance. 

Perane offer the solution. Both in the UK and Australia, we research, trace and release a proportion of the millions of unclaimed inheritances to individuals and families who are entitled.