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Unclaimed Asset Recovery Experts

Our mission is to reunite individuals, families, and charities with their rightful inheritances. 

Welcome to Perane, where we specialise in inheritance recovery, tirelessly dedicated to identifying and tracing legacies overlooked in the initial estate administration. Our mission extends to assisting both lay and professional executors in the recovery of residual assets.


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Our story

Since our inception in 2010, our services have evolved and expanded significantly. We now collaborate with share Registrars, Pension funds, Banks, Charities, Solicitors, Executors, and various others, enabling us to offer comprehensive support in all aspects of estate asset reunification. Leveraging our exclusive access to previously inaccessible financial databases, we annually locate and reclaim millions of pounds on behalf of beneficiaries.

Backed by extensive experience, a wealth of knowledge, and advanced data mining tools, our dedicated team of researchers, case handlers, and estate administrators ensures that beneficiaries rightfully receive their inheritance.


At Perane, our main objective is to facilitate the rightful unification of individuals and charities with their entitlements.

We take immense pride in our work, locating unclaimed funds for charities and individuals.

In the aftermath of an individual’s passing, the duty of the Executor is to meticulously oversee the recovery and equitable distribution of all assets to the beneficiaries. Perane has obtained from a barrister the legal obligations placed upon an executor, the full report can be downloaded here.

Occasionally, assets are missed during estate distribution and this is where Perane steps forward offering a  solution to this issue. Operating globally, we specialise in conducting extensive research, tracing, and facilitating the realisation of unclaimed assets. Our mission is to connect executors with individuals and families, ensuring they receive the inheritances rightfully owed to them.


We are committed to assisting…

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    Estate Personal Representatives

    With the process of obtaining unclaimed assets due to estates, and in obtaining the relevant documentation for financial institutions to release funds.

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    Probate Professionals

    With various aspects of estate administration. We can identify unclaimed assets and obtain the relevant documentation. We can also assist with beneficiary location.

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    In identifying unclaimed assets due to an estate where they are the residual beneficiary.

At Perane, we pride ourselves on our exclusive in-house technology, a cutting-edge system that sets us apart as industry leaders.

Our proprietary algorithms are meticulously designed to process vast datasets efficiently and accurately. The uniqueness of our technology lies in its sophisticated approach to receiving, processing, and matching data.

Unlike mass outreach strategies, our system ensures precision, contacting individuals only when it identifies them as Executors and recognises outstanding assets associated with their responsibilities. This personalised and targeted approach underscores our commitment to transparency and distinguishes us from generic communications, assuring recipients that our contact is purposeful and relevant to their specific circumstances.


Perane offers a range of services

  • Legacy Location and Repatriation: Locating unclaimed and dormant financial assets and repatriating them to the rightful beneficiaries.

  • Obtaining Documentation: Sourcing UK documentation, including birth and death certificates, probate, and Will papers.

  • Tracing Beneficiaries to Unclaimed Estates: Finding lost beneficiaries to ensure they receive any rightful inheritance.