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Expert guidance at every step

Your trusted partner for unclaimed asset identification and recovery services.

We offer a range of services for beneficiaries and executors. 

We identify financial accounts associated with estates which were unknown at distribution.

Using our wealth of knowledge of how financial institutions operate, we realise unclaimed assets.

We utilise our resources and expertise to locate all beneficiaries.


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Legacy location and repatriation

Embark on a seamless journey with Perane as we collaborate with beneficiaries, charities, and executors to locate unclaimed and dormant assets held by financial institutions. Our dedicated team takes charge of the paperwork, ensuring a smooth repatriation process. We handle all communication with involved parties, minimising complications in the estate distribution.

Tracing Beneficiaries

Facing challenges in locating beneficiaries named in a Will? Our expert team specialises in assisting Executors and solicitors in tracing beneficiaries, even if they have moved or lost contact since the Will’s creation. At Perane, we are committed to ensuring that rightful inheritances reach their intended recipients.

Obtaining Documentation

Navigate the paperwork landscape effortlessly with Perane. We offer document procurement services for the entire UK, covering England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Count on us to obtain vital documents, including birth, marriage, death, and adoption certificates, as well as copies of probate documents such as Wills, Grants of Probate, or Grants of Letters of Administration. We also assist in acquiring copies of Decree Absolutes, ensuring a comprehensive documentation process throughout your journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reunite individuals, families, and charities with their rightful inheritances. 

Using our deep understanding of the dormant asset landscape and knowledge of the required documentation for recovery from financial institutions, we support executors through the process of asset recovery.

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