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Frequently asked questions

Why would Perane contact me?

We will have identified you as an executor/administrator, or beneficiary of an estate for which we have identified unclaimed assets.

Are Perane a legitimate company?

Perane & Co was established in 2009. Please check our details on Companies House - Company number 08339996. Please call us on 01603 673260 for further information.

What do Perane do?

Perane & Co locate unclaimed financial assets and connect them with their rightful owners. 

How do I know if a letter from Perane is genuine?

If you receive a letter from Perane and you want us to confirm it is genuine, please contact us on 01603 673260 or email us at 

How do Perane find lost assets?

Perane & Co's exclusive in-house technology allows us to process vast databases efficiently and accurately, which enables us to identify deceased individuals and matches their details with outstanding assets.

How does inheritance recovery work?

During estate administration, the assets and liabilities of a deceased person are accounted for by their executor/administrator.

Unfortunately, if a comprehensive list of assets is not provided some can be missed at this stage, and this is where we come in.

We are able to identify these outstanding assets and contact those entitled to claim the funds.


How much do you charge?

Our fee is charged as a percentage of the funds we recover. Our fees, which will not exceed 20%, and any disbursements will be deducted from the funds recovered. At no time will we ask you for money.

Should an executor be doing this?

It is the responsibility of an executor/administrator to identify and account for the assets and liabilities of an estate prior to distribution of funds.

When missed/unclaimed funds are identified, we will work with the executor/administrator to claim the funds for distribution.

Are you heir hunters?

Perane & Co are not Heir Hunters, as in the popularised understanding of the phrase.

We work with executors and administrators obtained from probate documentation, rather than carrying out family research on intestate estates, to identify missing beneficiaries

How do you search for unclaimed assets?

Our exclusive in-house technology with its proprietary algorithms are designed to process vast previously inaccessible databases efficiently and accurately, to identify unclaimed assets.

How long does it take to recover inheritance?

Generally, assets can be realised in a matter of weeks. This is dependant upon obtaining the required documentation and responses from financial institutions.


Did you know…

  • £0b.

    £50billion unclaimed or lost assets held by financial institutions

  • £0m.

    £10 million recovered by Perane and distributed

  • £0k.

    £965,000 inheritance recovered for just 1 client

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