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What are unclaimed assets?

During estate administration, the assets and liabilities of a deceased person are accounted for by their executor/administrator.

Unfortunately, assets can be missed at this stage, and these become unclaimed. The funds may be held by financial institutions or paid into Court.


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Did you know…

  • £0b.

    £50billion unclaimed or lost assets held by financial institutions

  • £0m.

    £10 million recovered by Perane and distributed

  • £0k.

    £965,000 inheritance recovered for just 1 client

What are unclaimed assets?

Unclaimed assets are funds whose rightful owner has lost contact with the financial institution that holds them. This can be created by people moving home or upon death  the company is not informed. When mail is returned by the Royal Mail as "Gone Away" no more post is set to that address.



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What is the value of unclaimed assets?

The NS&I accounts show £4.2bn of unclaimed assets. A company that collects all the unclaimed assets of banks that are more than 15 years old declares £1.2bn. Perane deceased shareholder identification reveals £5.1bn registered to deceased people.



Our Mission

Our mission is to reunite individuals, families, and charities with their rightful inheritances. 

Using our deep understanding of the dormant asset landscape and knowledge of the required documentation for recovery from financial institutions, we support executors through the process of asset recovery.

About Perane
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Perane offers a range of services

  • Legacy Location and Repatriation: Locating unclaimed and dormant financial assets and repatriating them to the rightful beneficiaries.

  • Obtaining Documentation: Sourcing UK documentation, including birth and death certificates, probate, and Will papers.

  • Tracing Beneficiaries to Unclaimed Estates: Finding lost beneficiaries to ensure they receive any rightful inheritance.